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Keno Introduction

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Keno is one of those games you either know about or you don’t. It’s typically seen as a lotto in the casino. Similar to the lottery, the game is made up of numbers being selected. The goal is to select the numbers that will be selected. The game of Keno can be either quick or slow depending on the casino. By gambling on Keno on the web you can set the pace of the game. For me, I love live keno. You sit in a lounge, if you want, and play. Keno is a game that you don’t need to be in the lounge to participate and be a winner. For example, you can put in a ticket for 20 games and then head off to bet on another game in the casino or even your suite if you are staying at the casino.

Keno Game Board

The game is bet on on a game board. The Keno game board consists of eighty numbers – number one though 80. The top 40 are called the top half and the 2nd forty are called the bottom half.

Enjoying Keno

Each game of Keno plays out the same. The round commences, and twenty numbers are selected. The casino may be using the ball system. Ping pong like balls are sucked up and picked, just like the lottery on television. Other casinos use pc’s. If a number you checked is selected, that’s referred to as a "hit." When all 20 numbers have been picked, the round ends and winning tickets are paid.

There is an abundance of choices in the game of Keno. For instance, you may select one number, two numbers and so on up to twenty numbers. Usually, you have to hit most of your numbers to win anything. For instance, if you select 6 numbers, you will normally need to get three to win your money back.

Keno Payouts

The payouts in Keno are pretty good. The chances of coming away with a win is based on the total numbers marked. For instance, if you pick 2 numbers, you have a 6% probability of hitting your ticket. Each casino has their very own pay outs. If you are playing on the web, be sure you shop everywhere for the greatest payouts first.

Keno Schemes That Make Money

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It will not generally be thought of as the best game in the world of betting, but keno has huge amounts of dedicated admirers. As well it should! It’s a consistently entertaining lottery-style game that’s simple to play, readily available in many assorted styles, and one that can return millions of dollars for gamblers who learn its innumerable subtle rules. But let’s deal with the basics here.

When defining keno to newbies, some betting experts compare it to lotto. This is at least to some extent correct, in that both games are basically numerical. However, to take that comparison too far can be to belittle the great many unique characteristics that make keno so entertaining. Not like bingo, keno enthusiasts have the ability to select the numbers for every card.

Keno cards have a grand total of eighty numbers, but the player is furnished with an additional level of personal responsibility by being able to decide on as many (or as few) numbers as he feels they need. And it doesn’t take a nuclear physicist to ascertain how to fill out a card: all you do is circle or otherwise mark all your chosen numbers with a ordinary#2 pencil like you used when you were a kid.

Once you’ve checked your numbers, carry your game card back to the person at the keno stand. The clerk will record your numbers and then give you a receipt. Make sure no to drop this (potentially) expensive piece of paper! Even if the keno pit manager remembers your face and wants help out, without a winning ticket in hand, you will get exactly $.00 for your winning card.

So, there you have strategy numero uno: always be sure to keep your keno receipt. Let us move on to something a little more advanced, what do you think?

Now that you’ve picked your numbers, settle into a nice keno booth and watch the action take place on the big keno monitor. That is where the winning numbers are shown for us. If you checked winning numbers, mark your card accordingly. Sake care not to drag your feet, or sit there congratulating yourself for an obnoxious length of time. You need to get back to the keno stand to get your winnings, and a new keno game will probably begin within 5 minutes.

Strategy #2: always go back to the keno booth on time!

Since you can’t trust yourself to meet that 5 minute margin every time, you always retain the option of buying a "multi-race" card. These include the same set of your selected numbers on anywhere from 2 to twenty slips. When the max amount of rounds (fitting the number of tickets) is completed, you are then able to get off your lazy butt and go collect your winnings.

Still another choice is known as a "stray and play" keno card, which usually allows you make number picks for 30 rounds or more. Heck, you can take vacation to Italy and not have to get uptight about getting back in time to retrieve your winnings. Most "stray and play" game tickets are good for up to a whole year after it’s bought!

So now you are aware of a couple of needed schemes for winning keno. If you are a discerning keno player, they might seem incredibly obvious. But it does not hurt to brush up on the basic tactics, and if you are a novice user, every little bit of direction will help make your keno games more entertaining.